Teacher Training

Kids, Tween and Teen Yoga Trainings

At High Desert Yoga we offer multi-age and multi-faceted yoga trainings offered by many visiting teachers! These trainings are open to yoga teachers, students, family members, educators and professionals who work with children, tweens and teens.  They provide you wtih fun-filled, engaging ideas through the use of yoga that will encourage healthful living and be beneficial to kids of all ages.

We cover:

  • The benefits of yoga for kids, tweens and teens
  • Kids, Tween and Teen focused poses, themes, stories, games, breathing and relaxation excercises and visualization. 
  • Group and partner yoga games, poses for kids, tweens, teens and families 
  • Incorporating props, music, art, age-appropiate themes, stories into classes, events, and parties.
  • Developmental considerations
  • How to teach yoga and support a fair, non-competitive environment
  • Introducing Yoga into the classroom and educational settings
  • How to work with restlessness and harness the energy of kids, tweens and teens

Articles about Yoga and Kids!:
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Research about Yoga and Kids:
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Our HDY hosted trainings are led by certified experienced Kids, Tween, Teen Yoga educators.  

Past Trainings have included:
Mini Yogis Foundations and Basic Training taught by Shana Meyerson
Yoga Kids Training
Street Yoga Training 
Family, Kids, Teen/Tween workshops offered by Katja Lauterstein, Shana Lane, Julie Pacheco and more! 


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