Milagro Program

We are asking for your support in our effort to provide free prenatal yoga classes to women with substance use disorders (SUD) and very limited financial means.  

We are collaborating with organizations at the University of New Mexico to start a prenatal yoga program provided at no cost to pregnant women with addiction in the Milagro Program.  Learn More

This is the primary addictions treatment program for pregnant women in New Mexico, caring for 200-300 pregnant women annually. Our prenatal yoga program will be taught by volunteer prenatal yoga instructors and supplied by donations from the community. Our long-term goal is to establish this as a sustainable service for the women at Milagro.

Women with SUD face unique challenges during pregnancy and after delivery:

  • Risk of relapse to alcohol and substance use close to 50%.  
  • Markedly high rates of trauma and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) associated with depression and relapse.  
  • Disruptions in prenatal bonding (development of relationship and feelings toward their fetuses) associated with their poor psychological health.
  • High rates of homelessness and problems with childcare and transportation. 

Prenatal yoga is an especially promising and safe intervention to complement treatment for pregnant women in addiction recovery programs.

Prenatal yoga has the potential to:

  • Provide mindfulness training, exercise, and social support.  
  • Decrease pregnancy-related discomfort, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and alcohol & other substance use. 
  • Improve pregnancy outcomes and experiences during labor.
  • Increase fetal bonding through directed bonding exercises. 

Our wishlist for supplies for these classes includes:

  • 20 blocks
  • 12 straps
  • 10-12 metal folding chairs