Workshops and Class Series

Workshops inspire and deepen all aspects of your yoga practice, learning the subtleties of the body and breath and delving more into yogic philosophy. We offer a wide variety of workshops with our amazing HDY faculty and with internationally renowned visiting instructors. Our Yoga workshops are appropriate for all levels of yoga experience, unless otherwise specified and help you take your practice to another level of fulfillment.

Upcoming Workshops

10/25 - 10/26/14 The Neck: Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics with Judith Hanson Lasater
11/01/14 De-Stress Yoga Workshop with Jill Palmer
11/08/14 Yoga for Healing: Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue and Low Immunity-understanding their relationship and treating with Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom with Tim Butler
11/14 - 11/16/14 Dhyana and Nada Yoga: Meditation and yoga of sound with Kim Schwartz and Zoreh Afsarzadeh
11/22/14 The Five Tibetan Rites with Jill Palmer
11/23/14 Yoga for Your Pelvic Floor: Part One?:? Anatomy, Asana, & Breath with Avery Kalapa
12/05 - 12/07/14 The System of Yoga with Kim Schwartz
12/12 - 12/14/14 The common language of chakras and astrology, spoken through asana practice with Kim Schwartz and Doreen Siracusano
01/10/15 Birth Works! with Heather Farrell and Louise Self
01/16 - 01/18/15 Street Yoga: Trauma-Informed Yoga Training with Mark Lilly
02/27 - 03/01/15 Senior Yoga Training with Judy Mortellaro

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10/25 - 10/26/14

Judith Hanson Lasater

The Neck: Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics

$250 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

The Neck: Anatomy, Asana and Therapeutics 

Sitting at the top of the spinal column, the cervical spine is not only an important part of that structure, but also an important part of our yoga practice. The neck is utilized in inversions like headstand and shoulder stand, but also in standing poses, twists and even Dog pose. In this workshop we will study the anatomy of the cervical spine, how it moves and how it doesn’t, and how to keep it safe in asana practice.

In addition to Active Practice, the workshop will include Quiet Practice like Restorative poses,breathing and mediation. Each day will begin with a short discussion on living our yoga.

Judith Hanson Lasater has taught yoga since 1971. She holds a doctorate in East-West psychology and is a physical therapist. She is president of the California Yoga Teachers Association, and serves on the advisory boards of Yoga Journal and Healing Lifestyles and Spas. Her yoga training includes study with B. K. S. Iyengar in India and the United States. She teaches yoga classes and trains yoga teachers in kinesiology, yoga therapeutics, and the Yoga Sutra in the San Francisco Bay Area. She also gives workshops throughout the United States, and has taught in Australia, Bolivia, Canada, England, France, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Peru, and Russia. 

She writes extensively on the therapeutic aspects of yoga. She is the author of:

• What We Say Matters (2009) 
• YogaBody (2008) 
• A Year of Living Your Yoga (2006) 
• Yoga Abs (2005) 
• Yoga for Pregnancy (2004) 
• 30 Essential Yoga Poses (2003) 
• Living Your Yoga (2000)
• Relax and Renew (1995)

Currently, Judith is consulting on four studies being conducted by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). These studies focus on the use of restorative yoga to reduce hot flashes in menopausal women, to reduce metabolic syndrome, to reduce anxiety during drug rehabilitation, and for women in treatment for breast cancer.Judith Hanson Lasater lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her family.

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Schedule Details

Saturday and Sunday:

11:30-1:30pm and 2:30-5:00pm

Tea will be available. If you wish, please bring a light snack for the break.

Price Options

$250 + tax

$150 non-refundable deposit

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Jill Palmer

De-Stress Yoga Workshop

36/40 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

You've sensed that your mind and body need to come down a few notches in intensity...what to do?  Combine mindfully-aligned postures and body-awareness with calming breathing techniques. Use props to support the postures, while gently stretching and strengthening the body. Give yourself time to unwind and return to your center of balance. De-Stress Yoga is a slow, deep practice where particular attention is paid to areas that we typically hold tension, including the neck, shoulders, back, hips and, yes, the mind :) Postures are suitable and adaptable for all levels. 

Schedule Details


Price Options

Pricing $36 in advance
$40 at the door
Sign-up with a friend, and pay only $30 each!

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Tim Butler

Yoga for Healing: Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue and Low Immunity-understanding their relationship and treating with Yogic and Ayurvedic wisdom

$40/50 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

No experience needed. A workshop designed for both teachers and students to use the art of Yoga and the science of Ayurveda to have an understanding of how Stress, Anxiety, Fatigue and Low Immunity are interrelated. We we’ll focus on the underlying causes and some basic remedies. We’ll practice particular movements, certain breathing exercises and subtle therapies to allow the student to have their own deep and safe experience for healing.

Schedule Details

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Price Options

$40 plus tax  pre-registered, $50+ tax  at the door. 

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

11/14 - 11/16/14

Kim Schwartz and Zoreh Afsarzadeh

Dhyana and Nada Yoga: Meditation and yoga of sound

155/165 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

This workshop will use primary seated and supine asanas as a vehicle for self-awareness through breath awareness and meditation. An asana is defined by how it biases the organization of prana (life force) and predisposes consciousness for greater degree of self-awareness.  The breath can be experienced as an interface between the body, mind and consciousness. Sound can be a form of pure vibration that can affect consciousness, mind and body.  Tambura and other unique musical instruments will provide the musical tones and vibrational experience for this inner journey.

This workshop will explore how all of these factors dance with each other through the practice of pranayama (control of life force through the breath), dhyana and experiencing sound via various musical scales. The workshop will conclude with a deep guided meditation/ relaxation called yoga nidra.

Kim Schwartz was introduced to eastern philosophy as a child and began studying yoga in 1971 at age 18. In 1981 he met his Guru and began more formal studies in the yoga sutras and other aspects of yoga philosophy. Around that time he was also introduced to the Iyengar system of asana practice. In 1985 he was certified to teach yoga through the Temple of Kriya yoga. He was ordained a Swami in the Kriya lineage in 1986. He has taught ongoing yoga classes, teachers training programs and workshops here and abroad since that time.Though asana and pranayama have become primary disciplines, the philosophy of yoga is still at the heart of his practice and teaching.

Zoreh Afsarzadeh, founder of High Desert Yoga in Albuquerquefor the past 20 years, is a certified Yoga Therapist, yogaand meditation teacher. With her joyous personality, goodsense of humor, and passion for making yoga accessible toeveryone, Zoreh creates a safe and nurturing environment forstudents to go deeper in their practice. Zoreh has been hostingyoga retreats, workshops and trainings around the countryand world for the past 20 years.

Schedule Details

Friday: 6:00-8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 1:15-5:30pm 

Price Options

$155 + tax pre-registered
$165 + tax, at the door

Payment Type
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Jill Palmer

The Five Tibetan Rites

36/42 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

In this workshop you will learn the invigorating and mind-balancing daily yoga routine common in many Tibetan monasteries.  This energizing series of postures is grouped into five sets of asanas that are easily remembered.  The Five Tibetan Rites is an effective daily routine for calming your mind and stimulating the circulation of essential life-energy (prana) in the body.  It is known to improve the over-all functioning and balance of all of your biological systems, including the endocrine system, nervous system, internal organs and the aging process.


Jill Palmer is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher with 12 years of experience in Yoga Asana, Meditation, Pranayama, Yoga Philosophy, Sanskrit studies, Ayurveda/Nutritional Studies and Indian Classical Music as well as completion of the Certified Ayurveda Correspondence Course of the Albuquerque Ayurvedic Institute.

Schedule Details

Saturday,  2:00-4:30pm

Price Options

$36 pre-registration or $42 at the door

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Avery Kalapa

Yoga and the Pelvic Floor: Anatomy, Asana, and Energetics

$45/$50 plus tax | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

The “pelvic floor” refers to the dynamic layers of muscle which span the inner pelvis. When this area isn’t able to be alternately strong and relaxed, mild to serious health issues such as pelvic pain, digestive trouble, urge incontinence, stress incontinence, or prolapse can develop. Pop culture would have us believe that most women are too loose, when that’s often not true, and that it’s inappropriate for men to learn about their pelvic floor. Many people have too much gripping, and because of that tightness, the pelvic muscles are weak. When trying to do Kegels they often end up constricting the urethra, sometimes doing more harm than good. Mula Bandha is a hot topic, but often misunderstood.This hands-on workshop will help you learn to sense the 3 layers of muscle that make up your unique pelvic floor. Then, by exploring specific actions and structural alignment through yoga poses and breath work, you will learn what practices will support the specific needs of your pelvic floor. Discover ways to optimize pelvic health, including good circulation, movement, and the ability to be very strong AND relax fully, as appropriate. Two different “Part Two” Pelvic Floor workshops will be offered in spring 2015, one geared for hypertonicity (too much gripping), and one for hypotonicity (not enough tone). For all genders and levels.

?About Avery:? Avery Janeczek Kalapa, 500CYT, has been practicing yoga since teenage years, and teaching since 2004. She is currently working towards Yoga for the Pelvic Floor certification with Leslie Howard. Inspired by the Iyengar method, as well as experiential anatomy, and Vipassana Meditation, Avery’s teaching style focuses on subtle awareness, attention to physical and pranic alignment, stability, and liberation of the breath. She is a committed, versatile teacher, who approaches this in-depth work with reverence, humor, and joy.  With creative use of props and modifications, Avery loves to help students find just the right approach for maximum physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing of her students. She teaches therapeutic private sessions, classes, workshops, retreats, and assists High Desert Yoga’s 500hr Teacher Training. For more information check out her yoga site, averykalapa.com or find her on facebook at Yoga With Avery. 

Schedule Details

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Price Options

$45.00 pre registered $50.00 at the door + tax

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

12/05 - 12/07/14

Kim Schwartz

The System of Yoga: An overview of the theory, philosophy and practice of yoga

$130/$145 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

This ten hour workshop will offer a concise and practical overview into the system and practice of yoga. The structure offered here will be based on a classical text written by the sage Patanjali. Each class will begin with a lecture on some aspect of yoga philosophy that will be followed with foundational information on the types of asanas shown. As the classes will be sequential, it is recommended that the entire workshop is attended.

Schedule Details

December 5th - Friday, 6:00-8:00pm,  How and Why of Yoga, Tadsana, Breath
December 6th - Saturday, 1:30-3:30 and 3:45-5:45pm  Yama, Standing Asanas, Niyama, Forward Bends
(15 min. break at 3:30)
December 7th - Sunday, 1:30-3:30 and 3:45-5:45pm  Vrtts, Backbends, Kleshas, Inversions
(15 min. break at 3:30)               

Price Options

$130 before November 5th.
$145 after November 5th 

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

12/12 - 12/14/14

Kim Schwartz and Doreen Siracusano

The common language of chakras and astrology, spoken through asana practice

$38 - $150 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

Esoterically speaking, the primary purpose of asana practice is to liberate and balance prana/ life force. In so doing the physical body is harmonized with the mind and attuned to spirit. The primary channels through which prana moves are called nadis. The primary energy centers through which prana is felt are called chakras. Each chakra has specific qualities. The chakras are the microcosm or more accurately the internal macrocosm of the cosmological macrocosm. As the chakras are experienced within the body mind complex, the planets are found in our solar system. The energetic predispositions of the chakras reflects the predispositions of the planets; as above, so below. 

This workshop will look at how the planets, as seen through the astrological chart reflects the predispositions of the chakras. We will then look at asana practice in terms of how the subtle organization within the asanas serve to effect the energies of the chakras which then effects how we function in our lives and in the world. Each session will focus on specific planetary/ chakra energies and the respective asana practices. 

Schedule Details

Friday: 6:00-8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday: 1:00-5:30pm (with a break each day) 

Price Options

$38 + tax for Friday evening session

$150 + tax for entire workshop  (Friday - Sunday)

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Heather Farrell and Louise Self

Birth Works!

75/80 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

Inspiring strength, connection, confidence and celebration in pregnancy, birth and motherhood. You Can Birth!

Our unique programs bring awareness and confidence to your pregnancy and birthing. Help yourself enjoy your pregnancy, deepen your connection with your birthing body and baby through intuitive practical tools. 

Explore postures, movements, sound, relaxation, breathwork, and affirmations.  Learn how to use gravity, massage,  acupressure points, coping skills, and partner support. Understand nutrition in pregnancy and birth. We will learn about how environment affects labor as well as movements that will help your baby get in the optimal position for birth. Accept feelings and release fears... because Birth Works!

We always have ample time for discussion. We offer practical preparation that supports your innate wisdom to birth. Whether you are birthing at home, a birth center, or a hospital, this program affirms your birth and empowers you! Allow birth to unfold as it needs to for you.

  • Movement and Positions
  • The transition to motherhood
  • Using Gravity and birthing balls
  • Massage and Acupressure points
  • Nutrition in pregnancy, birth and postnatal
  • Strengthen Coping Skills
  • Partner Support
  • Holistic health and birthing tips
  • Gain awareness and confidence 
  • Breathing, relaxation and Sound
  • How to use your energy
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • How environment affects birth
  • Healthy and Whole Postnatal time

An Empowering Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Program

Birthworks! Programs: Childbirth preperation, postnatal workshops, optimal fetal positioning for healthcare professionals, relaxation for pregnancy, birth and beyond, private sessions and more...

Heather Lee Farrell integrates education and training in Yoga, Doula work, Childbirth Educator and Preparation Training, Oriental Medicine, nutrition and Ayurvedic Studies. She is co-director with Louise Self of  Birthworks!  She has studied and recieved certification in a  wide variety of prental yoga methods and offers a multifaceted approach to her teaching. Heather is a EYT500hr-RYT 500hr Yoga teacher with Prenatal and Postnatal certification (PRYT-500)and is Studio Director of High Desert Yoga, She has taught yoga for more than a decade and practiced for more than 20 years. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a practice in Albuquerque, NM.  Heather is honored to support  such a sacred time in a woman and family’s life.  She is thankful to her many teachers, and wonderful and loving family..

Louise Self  is a joyful mother of two sweet boys, a Licensed Midwife who owns High Desert Midwifery, LLC-attending births at home. She also is an experienced Doula, including past work as a nurse and a nanny. Louise is connected with the birthing community in many ways; including the New Mexico Midwifery Association, attending workshops, and meetings.Louise is passionate in providing integrative care for women during the childbearing years; pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. Whilst also providing gentle, loving care for newborns. Louise is fondly known as the “Baby Whisperer”!”

Click here to view PDF

Schedule Details


Birth and pregnancy programs may be attended multiple times, and at any stage of pregnancy.
Pregnancy and birth professionals are welcome to attend.
Birth support partners attend for free. 
Walk-ins are welcome, space permitting. Please RSVP.

505-514-4377, birthworksnm@gmail.com

Price Options

$65 pre-registered online
$75 at the door  
Come to Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth: All Trimesters on Tuesdays at 6:00pm for special offer!

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

01/16 - 01/18/15

Mark Lilly

Street Yoga: Trauma-Informed Yoga Training

$290/325 *discounts! | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

The Street Yoga Teacher Training offers hands-on practice in teaching yoga & mindfulness to youth & families experiencing homelessness, abuse, addiction, and other forms of trauma.


  • Modifying poses for various populations and situations
  • Potential behavioral challenges and strategies for dealing with them
  • Tools for improved communication success
  • Problem-solving approaches to deal with boundary issues
  • How to effectively approach and partner with social service agencies
  • Opportunities for practice teaching

This program is approved for continuing education by the National Association of Social Workers and Yoga Alliance.

Mark Lilly, founder of Street Yoga and mindfulness and communication trainer, teaches dynamic workshops all over North America to yoga teachers, physicians, nurses, social workers, and mental health workers. Mark has extensive expertise in community and hospital treatment-based mindfulness practices.

Offered In Partnership with:

Click here to view PDF

Schedule Details

Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Times to be announced: Expect Friday evening. Then, Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Ending by 5:00pm on Sunday.  Times on Flyer may be adjusted.

Price Options

This program is approved for continuing education by the National Association of Social Workers and Yoga Alliance.

Early Bird Price: $290 + tax
$325 + tax After December 16, 2014

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

02/27 - 03/01/15

Judy Mortellaro

Senior Yoga Training

130 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

Why? The senior yoga teacher training was developed as a complement to 200 and 500 hour Teacher Training courses.  Clearly, the older student often presents with numerous challenges specific to the aging body. Unfortunately, however, the older student is now getting younger!  People of all ages are now presenting with disease and imbalance once routinely associated with the elderly – from all appearances, a reflection of the ways they have lived in their bodies.  We are now confronted with many problems that can be related to poor posture and misalignment; new and unfamiliar environmental, physical, and mental stresses; and unhealthy nutrition; all mimicking and/or accelerating the aging body. More and more individuals are met with issues such as arthritis and joint replacement, chronic pain syndromes, cardiac and respiratory diseases, diabetes, depression and much more before entering their elder years. 

What? The High Desert Yoga Senior Yoga Teacher Training is an in depth course that looks at the common health conditions of the elder population and the ways to teach yoga asana to prevent further complications, help minimize current symptoms, and improve quality of life. It can readily be applied to all students presenting with similar problems or complaints.

Specifically, the following topics are included:
• Spinal Alignment and Posture• Types of Breathing including Ujjayi
• Common Diseases and Conditions with emphasis on Musculoskeletal Disorders such as    Arthritis and Joint Replacement, Back pain. Conditions associated with Cardiac, Respiratory, Endocrine and Nervous Systems will also be included.
• Common Psychosocial Issues affecting Life Style and Quality of Life
• Ethics• Asanas, Assists and Adaptations for Styles of Sequencing the Senior Yoga class
• Class led by Attendees
• Special Situations 
• The Student with Dementia and Chair Classes

Judy eaches yoga so that it is accessible to all. She utilizes 35 years of nursing knowledge combined with 15 years of yoga experience. She teaches classes specifically for seniors and those who need special modification as well as classes targeted toward general audiences including beginners and intermediate students. What ties all her classes together is her emphasis on alignment and the fundamentals of yoga enabling students of all levels to get the most out of their yoga practice. She is adjunct faculty for HDY Teachers’ Training at both the 200 and 300 hr. level. She is a 500 hr E-RYT. Judy developed and directs the High Desert Yoga Senior Yoga Teachers Training Program.

Schedule Details

Friday 6:00-8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 1:30 - 5:30 PM

Format: This 10 hour intensive workshop utilizes interactive lecture, experiential learning, feedback, and return demonstration. There will be an opportunity for the students to teach a class at the end of the training.  The Friday evening session is two hours long and the Saturday and Sunday classes are each 4 hours in length. Saturday and Sunday 1:30 - 5:30 PM

For more information:  
visit www.judysyoga.com  
Email  Judy at judysyoga@gmail.com 

Price Options

$130.00 plus tax
Partial Payment plan available

Payment Type
Name of Workshop