Workshops and Class Series

Workshops inspire and deepen all aspects of your yoga practice, learning the subtleties of the body and breath and delving more into yogic philosophy. We offer a wide variety of workshops with our amazing HDY faculty and with internationally renowned visiting instructors. Our Yoga workshops are appropriate for all levels of yoga experience, unless otherwise specified and help you take your practice to another level of fulfillment.


Upcoming Workshops

04/03 - 04/05/15 Asana, Chakras, Nadis and Bandhas with Kim Schwartz
04/06 - 05/18/15 Happy Yoga! with Niki Feldman
04/11/15 Yoga and Dance with Niki Feldman
04/12/15 Healthy Thyroid with Yoga with Zoreh Afsarzadeh
04/24 - 04/26/15 Francois Raoult with Francois Raoult
05/09/15 The Yoga of Kirtan - bringing chanting & mantra into your daily practice with Zhenya
05/29/15 Yoga for Cranky Hips with Leslie Howard
05/30 - 05/31/15 Yoga and the Pelvic Floor: For Women Only with Leslie Howard
06/21/15 Headaches? Insomnia? This Workshop is for You... with Zoreh Afsarzadeh
06/27 - 06/28/15 Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry with Rama Jyoti Vernon
07/11/15 Youth Training with Shana Lane and Katja Lauterstein
07/17 - 07/19/15 Advanced Trauma Informed Yoga Training: Street Yoga! with Mark Lily, founder of Street Yoga
07/31 - 08/02/15 Restorative Immersion and Training with Andrea Peloso
09/17 - 09/20/15 Prenatal Training Level 1 with Colette Crawford with Heather Lee Farrell
10/16 - 10/18/15 Ramanand Patel Workshop with Ramanand Patel
10/24/15 Birth Works! with Heather Farrell and Louise Self
12/05/15 Optimal Fetal Positioning with Heather Lee Farrell and Louise Self

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04/03 - 04/05/15

Kim Schwartz

Asana, Chakras, Nadis and Bandhas

$25/108 | 4600 Copper Ave NE

In this lecture you will learn how prana manifests in the microcosm of the body and the macrocosm of the cosmos. Beginning with a lecture on Friday evening on subtle anatomy, this workshop will cover how prana moves through the subtle pathways (nadis) and is given predisposition by the life force centers, called chakras.  The purposes and practice of the pranic valves or locks called bandhas will be covered.  The Saturday and Sunday sessions will employ pranayama and the pranic model of asanas to put this information into practice.

The Friday evening lecture is for all levels of yoga students. The Saturday and Sunday sessions will be more accessible if one has a year or more of yoga practice. 

Kim has studied and taught Hatha Yoga for over four decades. His lifelong passion for mystical truth led him to become ordained as a swami of the Temple of Kriya in Chicago. He was elevated to the position of Maha Swami in the Kriya lineage, enabling him to ordain others as swamis. Kim was director of the Temple’s Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Program before moving to New Mexico, where he continues to direct High Desert Yoga’s Teacher Training Program. He is certified by the Yoga Alliance as a ERYT, 500 hours. He is recognized by many well-known yoga instructors both as a “master of his art” in personal practice and as a true “teacher’s teacher”; one with the ability to communicate the timeless truths of yoga on many levels to fellow instructors in a way that enables them to pass this wisdom on to their own students.

Schedule Details

Friday, 6:00-8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday, 1:15-5:45pm

Price Options

Only the Friday is available as an individual session at $25

Full Workshop: $108, Early registration by March 20th  $120 thereafter.

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

04/06 - 05/18/15

Niki Feldman

Happy Yoga!

$13 per class, $85 for all 7 classes | 4600 Copper Avenue NE


7 Reasons why there’s nothing to worry about                                                              

Week 1: 4/6- You can’t get happy (you can only be happy)
Week 2: 4/13- You can have true love
Week 3: 4/20- You’re not fat (and neither am I)
Week 4: 4/27- You are not your daily grind (precisely who do you think      you are?)
Week 5: 5/4- You can change your world
Week 6: 5/11- You were never born and you will never die
Week 7: 5/18- To the yogi, everything is bliss

Click here to view PDF

Schedule Details

Monday April 6th through Monday May 18th                                           
12:15-1:15 IN YOGA FOR LUNCH
   7 chapters/7 weeks

Price Options

$13/class or $85 for all 7

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Niki Feldman

Yoga and Dance

25 |

In this Yoga/Dance Workshop there will be a variety of music with different tempos and emotions.  By focusing on flow and rhythm stagnation can be avoided. This 2 hour class will have a combination of Yoga poses, simple dance steps, and free dance to follow internal rhythm and intuition. Traditional yoga poses will be done with movement to the music within them. In between the dynamic Yoga Poses simple dance steps will be done to the music. This allows for lightness and laughter. Occasionally Niki will challenge the class with balancing poses done to slower music and give free time to dance to one’s own rhythm.


Niki has a long background of being in love with movement.  She did many kinds of dance as a child and teenager and has always loved exercising outdoors and being in the mountains.  Niki found Yoga in 1995 during Massage School and soon after started teaching both Massage and Yoga. In 1999 Niki attended the High Desert Yoga teacher training.
Niki believes that yoga is a powerful tool for feeling at home in your body, empowering yourself, and releasing tension. In her Yoga classes she combines strengthening and flexibility.   Abdominal exercises, Slow Sun Salutations, Dance and Restorative self-massage techniques are some favorites. The flow portion of Niki’s class is called “Surprise Sun Salutations” because she sneaks different standing poses into the sequence.  Deep, full exhalations are always encouraged to breathe out tension and laughter is welcome. Niki’s eclectic blend of Yoga styles include: Iyengar, Kripalu, Vinyasa Flow, Pilates, and “Follow your intuition.” All levels are welcome

Schedule Details


Price Options

$25  + tax for the two hour class

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Zoreh Afsarzadeh

Healthy Thyroid with Yoga

$55/65 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

A sluggish thyroid can leave you overwhelmed, rundown, depressed and over weight. A little troublemaker, your thyroid is a tiny butterfly shaped gland in your neck.  Many weigh only an ounce, but as I learned firsthand it wields formidable influence on your metabolism, mood and sleep. 

In this workshop, I will share the sequence of simple yet effective yoga postures that have helped me take charge of my well being for past thirty years, balancing my thyroid taking away the many unbearable symptoms and leaving me with vibrant health.


Zoreh, founder and director of High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque for the past 15 years, is a certified Yoga Therapist, yoga and meditation teacher. With her joyous personality, good sense of humor, and passion for making yoga accessible to everyone, Zoreh creates a safe and nurturing environment for students to go deeper in their practice. Zoreh has been hosting yoga retreats, workshops and trainings around the country and world for the past 20 years.

Schedule Details


Price Options

$55 + tax pre-registered

$65 at the door

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

04/24 - 04/26/15

Francois Raoult

Francois Raoult

See Below | 4600 Copper NE

Friday, 2:30-5:30pm $60
For teachers
Ujjayi pranayama. Kumbhaka and bandhas.
Observing and teaching.

Friday Evening, 6-8:30pm
Vata pacifying forward bends & savasana

Saturday,1:30-6pm with tea break 
The foot and ankle in asana (standing poses, inversions, padmasana etc...) Will end with restorative poses.

Sunday, 1:30-6pm with tea break
Sacred architecture and Yoga(includes slide show on mandala )

François Raoult is dedicated to teaching yoga with awareness, integrity and compassion. He first felt the call at age 19, on apilgrimage to sacred sites of India. A graduate of the Ecole Nationale de Yoga in Paris, he started teaching in 1975 and a year later began extensive training with Sri B.K.S. Iyengar. Today a certified Iyengar instructor, François also has studied medita- tion with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, Ayurveda with Dr. Robert Svoboda, and anatomy with Thomas Myers. In addition to conducting an annual retreat in France, François teaches regularly throughout the US, Europe, Canada, Mexico and India. He is the director of Essential Yoga Teacher TrainingTM—a creative program for yoga teachers— and the founder of Open Sky Yoga Center in Rochester, NY.

To learn more about Francois, visit his website.

Click here to view PDF

Schedule Details

Friday and Saturday: April 24 & 25, 2015:
Friday, 2:30-5:30pm 
For teachers

Friday Evening, 6-8:30pm 

Saturday,1:30-6pm with tea break 

Sunday, 1:30-6pm with tea break

Price Options

Friday and Saturday: April 24 & 25, 2015:
Friday, 2:30-5:30pm $60
For teachers
Ujjayi pranayama. Kumbhaka and bandhas. 
Observing and teaching.

Friday Evening, 6-8:30pm 
Vata pacifying forward bends & savasana

Saturday afternoon: YOGA OF THE FOOT 
Saturday,1:30-6pm with tea break $108 
The foot and ankle in asana (standing poses, inversions, padmasana etc...) Will end with restorative poses.

Sunday, 1:30-6pm with tea break $108
Sacred architecture and Yoga(includes slide show on mandala )

Both Saturday and Sunday Seminars:  $195
Entire seminar (Fri 6pm/Sat/Sun) $230

Payment Type
Name of Workshop



The Yoga of Kirtan - bringing chanting & mantra into your daily practice

$40/45 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

The Yoga of Kirtan - bringing chanting & mantra into your daily practice. 
Chanting and mantra practice has accompanied yoga for thousands of years & is a lovely way to enhance any daily meditation or yoga practice.The chanting of mantras and various call and response chants or "kirtans" can help to quiet the mind and open the heart. During this workshop, students will learn many ways of bringing mantra and chanting into their daily meditation and yoga practice. We will learn about the meanings of several sanskrit mantras and will practice chanting together with the musical accompaniment of harmonium and drums. No prior singing experience or instruments are required. 

 Zhenya has been practicing mantra and chanting since she first dicovered the beauty and power of yoga asana practice. The affects of the chanting have always brought her joy as music and singing have always been a part of her life. Zhenya is a yoga teacher, working with kids, families and adults and has completed the 500 Hr. Teacher Training at High Desert Yoga. She has also completed "Kirtan Flight School" with David Stringer, and "Bhakti Immersion" with Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band. She continues to bring chanting into her yoga classes, and offers monthly Kirtan with her partner and drummer Jesse Kalapa. She believes in the power of brining prayer and devotion into everyday life through yoga and chanting. 

Schedule Details


Price Options

$40+tax with preregistration/ $45+tax day of the workshop

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Leslie Howard

Yoga for Cranky Hips

$40/45 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

This alignment-based class is a slow, methodical and safe way of working the legs to create space in and around the hip sockets. Leslie addresses how to use yoga poses and yoga props to increase space, flexibility and strength in the hips. You will find familiar yoga poses using props and done with a focus on the relationship between the legs and pelvis. This way of practicing can help alleviate aches and pains in and around the head of the femur

Pain in the hips can have many causes. But whatever the root cause, most people are sitting in chairs or cars more than ever before. Sitting with the legs at a 90 degree angle from your torso decreases the amount of space in the front of the hip sockets, brings the femurs forward in the hip socket and restricts blood flow to the pelvis. We come to yoga to undo some of our postural bad habits. However, we can actually exacerbate hip pain if we are doing our poses without mindfulness.  The approach in this class is to encourage the femurs to be deeper towards the back of their sockets, and to practice the poses with a new spotlight on the hip joint.     


Leslie Howard is a San Francisco-based yoga teacher, specializing in all things pelvic. She leads workshops and trainings nationally and is co-writing a book about the female pelvis. Her own struggles with healing her hips and pelvis led her to intense study of the anatomy, physiology, cultural messaging, history and energetics of this rich place. Her teaching is informed by over 3000 hours of yoga study with senior Iyengar yoga teachers, notably Manouso Manos and Patricia Walden.  She considers Ramanand Patel her most important influence and mentor. She designed a successful study for University of California, SF on yoga for incontinence with Judith Lasater. She has another study underway with UCSF for Yoga for Pelvic Pain.  To learn more about Leslie, visit:www.lesliehowardyoga.com

Schedule Details

May 29th, Friday

Price Options

early bird $40 by May 15, $45 after.

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

05/30 - 05/31/15

Leslie Howard

Yoga and the Pelvic Floor: For Women Only

$120/130 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

Proper strengthening and stabilizing of the pelvic floor helps to create the correct foundation of each movement in the body. This is the true meaning of "core work." Whether you experience any of these conditions, or are just plain curious about this region of the body, this workshop is for you:

*pelvic pain 
*lower back, hip or groin problems
*discomfort during sex or while using tampons 
*skin irritation*leak when laughing or sneezing 
* have to go the bathroom too often*prolapsed organs
* pregnancy and birth

In this workshop we will locate, assess, soften, stretch, strengthen and exercise the muscle groups of the pelvic floor, discuss mula bandha, abdominal health and how to utilize the pelvic floor in asana. The first day of the workshop will begin with anatomy, lecture and discussion, followed by subtle experiential movements to awaken your understanding of this often ignored area. A series of specific exercises and asanas for the pelvic floor will follow. We will look at therapeutic application of postures and breathing for different conditions.  Handouts will be provided. Bring your friends, sisters, mothers and daughters. Although helpful, no yoga experience is required. This workshop qualifies for continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance

Leslie Howard is a San Francisco-based yoga teacher, specializing in all things pelvic. She leads workshops and trainings nationally and is co-writing a book about the female pelvis. Her own struggles with healing her hips and pelvis led her to intense study of the anatomy, physiology, cultural messaging, history and energetics of this rich place. Her teaching is informed by over 3000 hours of yoga study with senior Iyengar yoga teachers, notably Manouso Manos and Patricia Walden.  She considers Ramanand Patel her most important influence and mentor. She designed a successful study for University of California, SF on yoga for incontinence with Judith Lasater. She has another study underway with UCSF for Yoga for Pelvic Pain.  To learn more about Leslie, visit:www.lesliehowardyoga.com

Schedule Details

Saturday and Sunday

Price Options

Fee is $120 before May 15, $130 after.  
Fee including Friday night class, $145 before May 15, $160 after.

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Zoreh Afsarzadeh

Headaches? Insomnia? This Workshop is for You...

48/55 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

This workshop will provide you with easy, practical tools to identify the triggers which cause you misery and rob you of the quality of life you deserve. You will learn step by step how to free up the blocked energy, manipulating the energy gates related to head, neck, shoulders and the back.
The correct alignment, the sequence of deeply relaxing restorative poses, the help of the breath will bring calmness, dissolving and reducing the inflammation and irritations of the nerve endings. This amazing sequence reduces the frequency and intensity and often gets rid of the pain all together as long as you practice it at the very first signs of headache coming on. This sequence has helped many with insomnia as well. The deep state of relaxation leads you to a deep state of sleep.

Join us for an afternoon of self- empowerment, self healing  and deep rest. No prior experience in yoga is needed.  Please bring with you one hand towel, one wash cloth and one knee high socks. All other props and the sequence is provided for you.

Zoreh Afsarzadeh, founder of High Desert Yoga in Albuquerque for the past 15 years, is a certified Yoga Therapist, yoga and meditation teacher. With her joyous personality, good sense of humor, and passion for making yoga accessible to everyone, Zoreh creates a safe and nurturing environment for students to go deeper in their practice. Zoreh has been hosting yoga retreats, workshops and trainings around the country and world for the past 20 years.

Schedule Details


Price Options

$48 + tax  in advance
$55 + tax at the door 

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

06/27 - 06/28/15

Rama Jyoti Vernon

Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry

$85/165 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

For all levels, from beginners to experienced students and yoga teachers.

Class, Discussion and Book Signing
Acclaimed Yoga teacher and international peace mediator, Rama Jyoti Vernon will teach a yoga class and lead a discussion on themes from her recently published book, “Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry” (Lotus Press). Rama’s presence illuminates her surroundings. Her words are an inspiration to all who hear them. 

For the first time the essence of Rama Jyoti’s teachings, which evolved from decades of studies with great masters, have been codified. This book includes more than 200 pages of photos and instructions, with myths and therapeutic benefits associated with the asanas, and much more.

Lilias Folan, PBS host and author has these words about Rama’s book:  “Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry is for all of us who want to continue in the study of yoga’s deep teaching and technical instruction. The wonderful diagrams and photos will clearly assist us as we learn and teach asana and pranayama while walking life’s journey. Thank you, Rama, for sharing the heart, soul, and passion of your own practices, insights, and reflections, and for imparting your years of yoga experience, study, and teaching. This is a book I will treasure for years to come.”

Practicing yoga improves health and creates peace of mind?that’s well known to most Westerners. But for those who yearn to add meaningful depth to their lives, yoga holds even greater riches. In the practice of asana, our bodies assume geometrical forms known as yantras. These yantras are force fields of energy—condensed, crystallized experiences of the Divine that draw consciousness like a magnet from the outer to the inner worlds. 

In this class, master teacher Rama Vernon offers her unique approach to yoga, anchored in knowledge of the Yoga Sutras and integrally focused on the breath. Through asana, interactive lectures, and discussion, Rama will emphasize:
posture practice with philosophy, mythology, and yantras woven in;
the five pranas within asana, and
concentration on the breath.

For all levels, from beginners to experienced students and yoga teachers.

Recommended reading Rama Jyoti Vernon, Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry (Lotus Press).

Note Asana work is profoundly deep and therapeutic. Light meals are recommended before practice.


Rama Jyoti Vernon, author of Yoga: The Practice of Myth and Sacred Geometry, is internationally acclaimed as a yoga instructor and peace mediator. Her extraordinary knowledge has shaped the foundation of contemporary yoga, and her unique approach to teaching evolved from years of study with many great masters. During the early days of yoga in the United States, she sponsored the migration of numerous swamis and gurus from India, and formed organizations to promote unity across all lineages and styles of yoga. Her instruction of asana is anchored in her deep knowledge of the Yoga Sutras and is integrally focused on the breath. www.ramajyotivernon.com

Rama Jyoti Vernon was a of the founders of Yoga Journal. She was also one of the co-founders of the California Yoga Teachers Association. She is considered one of America's yoga pioneers and was one of the first yoga teachers in the USA.

Her mother, a student of Yogananda took her to her first yoga class at age 15. As an adult, Vernon was one of the early students of BKS Iyengar in North America and hosted him on his first visit to California in 1973. Vernon founded the American Yoga College, where she still teaches today.

She also founded the organization Unity in Yoga International, which eventually evolved into the Yoga Alliance and which sponsored seven national and three international conferences under Vernon's direction, including the Soviet-American Yoga Conference in Moscow in October 1990. The founders of The International Association of Yoga Therapists, Richard Miller and Larry Payne, acknowledged Vernon's contribution to the creation of the association though the connections she fostered at the Unity in Yoga conferences.

Schedule Details

Saturday and Sunday, June 27 & 28


Price Options

$165 for entire Workshop

$85 per session

Payment Type
Name of Workshop


Shana Lane and Katja Lauterstein

Youth Training

$65/75 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

The Dalai Lama says, ”If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”  Really take that to heart for a moment and imagine the next generation of world leaders, spouses, friends, family members, bosses, guy who just cut you off in traffic, who have more emotional intelligence and have learned techniques and skills to practice self-regulation, self-care, self-love. 

Help make that happen!  Help spread the gifts of Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness and plant seeds of more peace, more contentment, more well being in the world, one child at a time.   

This 4 hour workshop will be an introduction into how to share Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness in age appropriate ways for youth ages 5-17.  It is meant for parents, nannies, child care providers, teachers, social workers, anyone who works with youth who cares about having a positive and inspiring impact on them.  You will learn how to teach Yoga poses, non-competitive games, meditation and mindfulness practices in fun, safe and age appropriate ways.  As well as, how to adjust for different settings (classroom, home, office, etc.) and amounts of time.  Having your own experience with Yoga will enrich your learning, but it is not necessary for this workshop.

Shana began practicing yoga as a teenager and has enjoyed the physical and mental benefits it brings ever since. She likes to have fun in her classes and hopes to always create an environment where everyone can feel comfortable and confident to be themselves, explore new possibilities, relax and let go. Shana completed the 500 hours of teacher training, as well as the YogaKids! and senior yoga teacher training, at High Desert Yoga and has spread out across the life cycle to incorporate teaching prenatal, kids, teen, and adult classes. She especially looks forward to helping parents, partners, and whole families find ways to share their time, attention, and the joy of yoga with each other. 

Katja has worked with Youth from Preschool to Teen in therapeutic settings, Montessori, after-school programs, etc. since 1994.  She has been teaching Yoga to youth ages 3-18 since 2010, in many different settings; and has been instrumental in developing the Family Yoga program at High Desert Yoga.  Katja is a 500hr Certified Yoga Instructor from HDY, as well as having multiple certifications for teaching Yoga to youth including trauma informed instruction.  She truly believes in the power of Yoga to teach valuable, life altering skills like self-regulation, self-care, and self-awareness and that little by little this can change the climate of the next generation and thus the tragectory of the world!

Schedule Details

Saturday 1:00-5:00pm

Price Options

$65 before June 25th, $75 thereafter

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

07/17 - 07/19/15

Mark Lily, founder of Street Yoga

Advanced Trauma Informed Yoga Training: Street Yoga!

$290/325 Discounts and Scholarships avail | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

This training is specifically tailored for those who have completed Street Yoga's Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth Program or have been active in the field of yoga service for more than one year. This training is focused on the importance of a personal practice, including self-care and nurturing good community. We will also address how mindfulness practices help our work efforts, and how they help clients build capacity to overcome trauma and create resilient, meaningful lives for themselves and their families.

Training Activities:
Each day of training includes learning by doing, seeing, and listening through the following:
Yoga practice
Breathing exercises & meditation
Sample scenarios and group problem-solving
Short lecture-style sessions with Q & A
Break-out small group sessions
Role playing and skills practice
Student teaching and feedback opportunities 

Street Yoga recognizes the extremely diverse ways in which people practice and teach their yoga.  Just as we see the unique traits that make each youth different, we also recognize that each trainee has a distinct relationship with yoga and his or her own individual preferences and beliefs about how to practice.  Because of this, Street Yoga does not promote a single methodology for bringing yoga to youth and does not supply trainees with ready-made lists of postures or sequences. Instead, we encourage our trainees to explore how to teach what they already know in a heartfelt and authentic way that will help them engage in yoga service.

Learning Objectives:
We strive for all training participants to increase their emotional, cognitive and physical sense of well-being, mental clarity and resilience, so that they can help affect the increase of these same qualities in their clients.  The training will offer tools for the development of low-risk short time commitment practices to decrease professional stress and secondary trauma.

Upon completion of the training participants will comprise:
Tools for on the ground application of yoga service
Understanding of how to build resilience for you and your clients
Insight into trauma in the context of yoga service
Tools for decreasing risk and mitigating affects of secondary trauma
Skills for developing a personal mindfulness portfolio
Best practices for client-led evaluation Prerequisites 

This training is for people active in yoga service.  It is intended for those who have successfully completed a Trauma-Informed Yoga for Youth Training or who have been using yoga and mindfulness in their work with individuals facing adversity for more than one year.Street Yoga defines “Yoga Service” as the use of yoga, breath and mindfulness practices for the empowerment of underserved and vulnerable populations. 

Offered In Partnership with:

Mark Lilly is a mindfulness and communication trainer who has taught workshops all over North America to widely diverse audiences including physicians, nurses, social workers, police officers, therapists, mental health workers and countless others. Mark is the founder and Board President of Street Yoga, an internationally recognized non-profit which provides yoga and mindfulness classes to at-risk populations in Portland and Seattle.

Mark has extensive expertise in community- as well as hospital-based mindfulness practices, and is initiating Mindful Communication workshops for physicians, along with similar trainings for nurses and social workers. In addition to ongoing work with Street Yoga, he has developed the practice of Body-Mind Rehab Therapy, which he currently offers to pediatric inpatients recovering from significant illness or injury, at Portland’s Emanuel Hospital. He is also co-creator of the Mindful Parents & Caregiver program which serves social workers and their client families with practical, everyday mindfulness.

Mark has developed many specialized mindfulness curricula in addition to the core and advanced Street Yoga trainings, including specialized work for young people recovering from sexual abuse, and workshops for adults moving through entrenched traumas or grappling with high-intensity communication situations.

For Mark, yoga is an everyday survival skill, a practice he has shared with thousands of youth through Street Yoga. He still lives with the tremors of traumas past and realizes the delicate line between suffering and awakening. His teaching emphasizes cultivation of the best within each of us by using the authentic stories and experiences that illuminate our being and drive our teaching to places of deep truthfulness.

Mark has developed the core and advanced Street Yoga trainings as well a yoga curricula used for specialized work with young patients recovering from illness or injury in the hospital, for young people recovering from sexual abuse, and workshops for adults moving through entrenched traumas or grappling with high-intensity communication situations.

Through it all, he brings a lightness and love to his teaching that is rooted in humility, grace and joy.

Schedule Details

Friday: 5:30-9:30PM
Saturday: 1:00-8:00PM
Sunday: 1:00-6:30PM

Price Options

Price:  $325, $290 before June 17, 2015
Discount rates for groups of 5+, contact jessicaosberg@streetyoga.org

Payment Type
Name of Workshop

07/31 - 08/02/15

Andrea Peloso

Restorative Immersion and Training

$590 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

This training and immersion is open to everyone! Not only students of yoga!

The Restorative Immersion and trainings is a rich exploration to inform the personal study as well as teaching skills of each student.  Students will learn the joys of restorative yoga through first-hand experience of the postures, and will learn hands on experience in how to teach students of all levels.  Students will learn the physiological and biomechanical elements of each pose, modifications for different body types and injuries, hands on adjustments, and adjustments with props.

An extensive repertoire of postures will be passed on to students with the detail necessary to bring depth and life changing benefits to students. Teaching and class sequencing will be discussed.  How to set up the postures in detail, as well as modify for a class with less props will be explored.  

This training fulfills the Yoga Alliance requirements for Continuing Education.

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Teaching Restorative Yoga

Basics of Restorative Yoga
Understanding the Nervous System: Parasympathetic and Sympathetic. How Restorative Yoga Affects the Nervous System.
The well-propped pose: to prop or not to prop and why?
Stress related disorders, and how they can be caused by an imbalanced nervous system.
Understanding the role of traditional wisdom and scientific understanding as it informs the Restorative Yoga Practice.
Restorative Yoga and the 5 senses. 
Exploring these concepts practically through practice.
Elements of Support, Restorative Adjustments

The psychology of deep support.
The role of mindfulness in the Restorative yoga practice.A detailed look at proper support of the hands, knees, back, pelvis,?arms, and neck in Savasana and elevated chest pose.
Use of blankets to move and support of the body.
Art of touch.Adjustments with blankets.
Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system with either props or adjustments.
Use of weights, sandbags, smaller seed bag weights.
Understanding and modifying for specific injuries.
Teaching Restorative Yoga with Case studies.
Supporting various joint and structural injuries: specific issues, and techniques.

The Art of Sequencing for Classes
Teaching for Groups and Individuals
Bringing Students to deep rest: ideal timing, atmosphere, reading the room.

Many students have attended this training that were not yoga teachers either to inform their own health and wellness or to inform their line of work.  While this certification is not enough to quality to teach Restorative Yoga in a professional Yoga, the training is a rich resource for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge of their own health and looking into non invasive, gentle, affordable, but powerful tools for healing. 

Those who have attended the restorative training in the past are police officers, massage therapists, acupuncturists, social workers, chaplains, or students seeking insight into their own health conditions from menopause, to fibromyalgia, to ms, to adrenal fatigue.  While this training does not promise to cure any condition whatsoever and is not a substitute for medical care it can be a very useful tool for activating the parasympathetic nervous system,  a system that is often stressed and can foster good health.   In the same vein it is helpful for all people, and those who train seriously as athletes or in advanced yoga practices.  This is a training where all who love restorative and want to learn are welcome.


Andrea Peloso discovered yoga at the age of 15 and has taught since 2002.  Her teaching has brought her across Canada, as well as the United States and Japan.

Andrea has over 1500 hours of yoga training and 500 hours of study  with Judith Lasater, of whom she is an assistant in trainings across North America.  She also has studied with Ramanad Patel with whom she has completed a three year teacher training program.  Andrea recently completed a 200 hour teacher training with Francois Raoult.  She has also studied Vinyyasa yoga, Restorative yoga, as well as Yoga for Spinal Health, and Prenatal yoga.  She is certified from the  Downward Dog Yoga Center  in Vinyasa Yoga, and has studied with Chuck Miller and Maty Ezraty.  She has also studied Ashtanga yoga with Matthew Sweeney, Chuck Miller,  David Robson, and Ron Reid.   She is trained in yoga for pregnancy with Sasha Padron and Judith Lasater and has past initial doula training.  Andrea has a love of, and interest in Ayurveda and has studied its application in Restorative Yoga with Judith Lasater, as well as completing other studies with Matthew Remski.  Andrea has a bachelor degree with honours in Philosophy including Indian and Eastern Philosophy.

Andrea seeks to make her classes healing, fun,  and inclusive so that each student can experience optimal health and happiness.

Schedule Details

Friday July 31 - Sunday August 2nd. 20 hours total of immersion, practice and learning! Exact hours to be announced.

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Payment plans availalble! Dont miss this incredible opportunity RSVP today.

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09/17 - 09/20/15

Colette Crawford with Heather Lee Farrell

Prenatal Training Level 1

795 | 4600 Copper Ave NE

"If we are to realize peace and harmony in the world the time has come for us to dedicate ourselves to the re-awakening of motherhood." Amma

Pregnancy is a time in a woman's life when she experiences dynamic, physiological changes. You will gain a thorough understanding of these changes so that you can adjust your instruction for each prenatal student. In this section you will learn how to sequence your prenatal classes and provide alternative variations to students depending on their stage of pregnancy.

It is absolutely necessary for anyone teaching to pregnant and postpartum women to be knowledgeable about common pathologies seen during pregnancy and the postpartum period in order to maintain safe standards of practice. Yoga and other holistic practices can be a great source of comfort to pregnant women. 

You will gain a wealth of knowledge to offer your students about alternative modalities that will help to bring them relief. 

This program provides a complete basic foundation in prenatal and early postnatal yoga instruction. You do not need to be a yoga teacher or have a certification to attend. Any style of yoga is welcomed.

Gain knowledge and confidence in all areas of instruction, including:

  • Modules: Level 1/1-10
  • Appropriate technology for birth:State of Health Care and Birth in the USA; The Awakening of Motherhood                                                                                   
  • Anatomy and physiology                                                                             
  • Structuring a prenatal/postnatal class, sequencing, general routine of poses 
  • Attending 2 classes with E-RYT                                                           
  • Effects of stress on mother-baby; Breathing and relaxation techniques  
  • Common discomforts of pregnancy; Therapeutic application with alternative modalities
  • Optimal Fetal Position (dealing with occiput posterior, breech, and asyncliticpresentations) 
  • normal labor and birth
  • Early postpartum period  Satsang - chanting, meditation, kirtan

Colette Crawford,  BSN, E-RYT founder of Seattle Holistic Center.

I began yoga as a teenager in the late 1960’s with my mother and took my first classes with Maria Svoboda. I attended Richard Schactel’s first yoga teacher training and was certified in 1986, and then in 1992 through BKS Iyengar. My greatest teacher and the source of constant inspiration on this path is my Guru, Mata Amritandamayi, or Amma, as she is known.  It is through Amma, I am learning the true essence of yoga and spiritual living.

I am an experienced registered nurse specializing in maternal/child health, labor and delivery and childbirth education. The inspiration for the prenatal yoga program came from my public health nursing days when I weaved in yoga poses with childbirth education for women who were hospitalized. During these years I worked with pregnant and parenting teens and was the president of the Snohomish County Teen Pregnancy Task Force.

I have assisted hundreds of women in labor and early postpartum care, including being a lactation specialist. Since 1989 I have taught prenatal yoga to thousands of women, their families and yoga teachers from all over the world.
Another one of my specialties is therapeutic yoga. In 1992 I created Heal Your Back as a result of my own healing journey using yoga after I had suffered a severe back injury in a car accident while eight months pregnant.

My commitment is to helping you on your journey of health, healing and spiritual growth. I am  dedicated to assisting women and their families to actualize their inner wisdom to birth and parent consciously. It has been a gift and privilege to parent my four children with my loving husband, Bruce. The path of family is my meditation.colette@seattleholisticcenter.com

 Learn more about Colette Crawford.

Schedule Details

Thursday through Sunday. exact hours to be released.We will begin mid morning on Thursday and end Sunday afternoon.
This training is open to healthcare professionals and other perinatal professionals. You do not need to be a yoga teacher.

Price Options

Partial payments/deposit and payment plan options. 

Save and register for all three levels.
Normal price:  Levels 1-3, $2395
Special pricing: $1995, receive $390 discount when you register for all three levels together
Levels 1, 2 or 3 may be taken at different times within a 24 month period from time of registration. With this discount, each level is $665.

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10/16 - 10/18/15

Ramanand Patel

Ramanand Patel Yoga Workshop

$65/245, See options below | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

We are pleased to welcome Ramanand Patel back to Albuquerque. This workshop is appropriate for experienced students, teacher trainees and teachers and will focus on deepening the understanding of the mind and body in the practice of yoga.

In this workshop, the art of working with yoga will be explored for teachers as well as students. This inquiry into the yoga practice will be directed towards understanding the Self beginning with asana practice and looking into the nature of thought.

Workshop is appropriate for those who have been practicing yoga for at least a year.  It is not recommended for students who are pregnant and have serious therapeutic issues.

The word Hatha is widely known to mean the Sun and the Moon. However, the more literal meaning of the word in many Indian languages is adamant, obstinate, unyielding or uncompromising. This attitude required of the yoga practitioner has the danger of making the student dissatisfied, demanding and competitive. On the other hand the yoga student is also asked to have santosha, contentment. What is the nature of contentment with regard to this quality of asana practice? The philosophy of yoga and the method of asana practice will be addressed to shed light on this paradox; correct understanding and application of this principle will facilitate a deeper practice without the loss of contentment.

Learn More about Ramanad at:  http://www.yogirama.com/

Since 1968 Ramanand Patel has been one of the the world’s leading Yoga teachers. Within the framework of the Teacher Training program of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of San Francisco, which he co-founded in 1974, he trained and educated a great multitude of teachers, many of whom went on to become famous internationally. His vast depth of knowledge regarding physical problems, his technical understanding regarding Asana and Pranayama, and his deep understanding of the fundamental questions of philosophy and psychology are well-balanced by his keen sense of humor.

Schedule Details

Recommended for teachers or teacher trainees: The Mystic of Straightening the Knee, Friday afternoon session 2-4:30pm

Open to everyone:

Friday:  6:00-8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 11:30-5:30pm

Workshop is held at High Desert Yoga, 4600 Copper Avenue NE, Albuquerque, NM 87108, 505-232-9642 

For Information about this workshop please contact, Herb McDonald at 505-999-0361, herbyoga@gmail.com

Price Options

Teacher session (Friday afternoon): $65 pre-registered, $79 at the door.

Friday-Sunday yoga workshop: $245pre-registered, $260 at the door.

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Heather Farrell and Louise Self

Birth Works!

75/80 | 4600 Copper Avenue NE

Inspiring strength, connection, confidence and celebration in pregnancy, birth and motherhood. You Can Birth!

Our unique programs bring awareness and confidence to your pregnancy and birthing. Help yourself enjoy your pregnancy, deepen your connection with your birthing body and baby through intuitive practical tools. 

Explore postures, movements, sound, relaxation, breathwork, and affirmations.  Learn how to use gravity, massage,  acupressure points, coping skills, and partner support. Understand nutrition in pregnancy and birth. We will learn about how environment affects labor as well as movements that will help your baby get in the optimal position for birth. Accept feelings and release fears... because Birth Works!

We always have ample time for discussion. We offer practical preparation that supports your innate wisdom to birth. Whether you are birthing at home, a birth center, or a hospital, this program affirms your birth and empowers you! Allow birth to unfold as it needs to for you.

  • Movement and Positions
  • The transition to motherhood
  • Using Gravity and birthing balls
  • Massage and Acupressure points
  • Nutrition in pregnancy, birth and postnatal
  • Strengthen Coping Skills
  • Partner Support
  • Holistic health and birthing tips
  • Gain awareness and confidence 
  • Breathing, relaxation and Sound
  • How to use your energy
  • Optimal fetal positioning
  • How environment affects birth
  • Healthy and Whole Postnatal time

An Empowering Pregnancy, Birth and Postnatal Program

Birthworks! Programs: Childbirth preperation, postnatal workshops, optimal fetal positioning for healthcare professionals, relaxation for pregnancy, birth and beyond, private sessions and more...

Heather Lee Farrell integrates education and training in Yoga, Doula work, Childbirth Educator and Preparation Training, Oriental Medicine, nutrition and Ayurvedic Studies. She is co-director with Louise Self of  Birthworks!  She has studied and recieved certification in a  wide variety of prental yoga methods and offers a multifaceted approach to her teaching. Heather is a EYT500hr-RYT 500hr Yoga teacher with Prenatal and Postnatal certification (PRYT-500)and is Studio Director of High Desert Yoga, She has taught yoga for more than a decade and practiced for more than 20 years. She is a Doctor of Oriental Medicine with a practice in Albuquerque, NM.  Heather is honored to support  such a sacred time in a woman and family’s life.  She is thankful to her many teachers, and wonderful and loving family..

Louise Self  is a joyful mother of two sweet boys, a Licensed Midwife who owns High Desert Midwifery, LLC-attending births at home. She also is an experienced Doula, including past work as a nurse and a nanny. Louise is connected with the birthing community in many ways; including the New Mexico Midwifery Association, attending workshops, and meetings.Louise is passionate in providing integrative care for women during the childbearing years; pregnancy, birth, and postpartum periods. Whilst also providing gentle, loving care for newborns. Louise is fondly known as the “Baby Whisperer”!”

Schedule Details


Birth and pregnancy programs may be attended multiple times, and at any stage of pregnancy.
Pregnancy and birth professionals are welcome to attend.
Birth support partners attend for free. 
Walk-ins are welcome, space permitting. Please RSVP.

505-514-4377, birthworksnm@gmail.com

Price Options

$65 pre-registered online
$75 at the door  
Come to Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth: All Trimesters on Tuesdays at 6:15pm 

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Heather Lee Farrell and Louise Self

Optimal Fetal Positioning

| 4600 Copper Avenue NE

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